Been a strange week.

I talked to a group of leaders from another (to remain unnamed) country. When I walked in the room, I was left with the interpreter and a group of non-English people speaking. I have done this before – talked through an interpreter – but this was different.  Last time I would say a sentence and the interpreter would say a sentence and then smile at me to go on. This time, I would say a sentence and the interpreter would talk for seven minutes!  In the middle, everyone would laugh. What was he telling the people that I was saying?  Talk about feeling insecure.

Then I pulled a muscle in my back which is something I’ve done before, but it doesn’t happen to me too often. So for the past two and a half days I’ve been dragging around, but I’m feeling better today.

I got my hair cut tonight and was talking to my stylist about how many times she’s cut someone’s hair in her life. We came up with the number 28,000. I asked if anyone ever got really upset with her.  She said one lady. When she cut the lady’s hair, the lady didn’t say anything – in fact, the stylist doesn’t even remember cutting the lady’s hair. But EIGHT YEARS later, they met at a party and the lady tore into her about making her look ugly and old.

I really like watching the wundermap on the weather underground site – especially during storms.

This is a really sad blog post, but don’t have time to develop something worthwhile.

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