I wrote this blog post today in the midst of my mixed-up morning. I wrote it for my corporate parenting blog, but decided to tweak it a bit and also use it here.


I started the day with a non-optional to-do list. Some things I just have to get done before the end of the day.

Unfortunately, life does not always happen the way we want it to, does it?

We think we have a calm, productive day in front of us … but then a bunch of little annoyances get in the way. (I’m not talking about the BIG, major life-changing events, but the little day-to-day things.)

This was the problem.  Last week I was supposed to pick up an order for a church. I get the orders to our side of town and then the church secretary comes and gets them from me – saving the church shipping costs. Every day I looked for the order. Every day the order wasn’t there. This is not a church I attend, so I don’t know the lady all that well.  I didn’t want her to think I wasn’t actually checking on it because I was.  She even had a notice-in-hand saying that the order had been delivered to the pick-up area.  But no order.

So I started the day by doing some sleuthing and discovered that the order had been made … and completed.  My name was also on the order as the pick up person and therein was the root of the problem.  My name is also in the records for Central.  As the computer spit out the label, it suddenly transposed the whole thing over to Central and to the name of one Aaron Bonner.

Anyhow, to make a long story (and seven phone calls  and two discussions with the mailroom) short – this took up far more time than I was expecting.

And tracking down wrong-labeled orders was NOT on my to do list.

And that’s life. These kind of “not-on-my-list” things happen all the time.  You have your day planned, but then the sink backs up or you can’t find your keys or someone calls and talks and talks some more – or the dog throws up or …

Suddenly the morning (and the afternoon) is gone and your list still sits on the counter with NOTHING checked off.

God’s Word tells us that whatever we do, we’re supposed to do with all our heart as unto the Lord and not unto other people. (Colossians 3:23)

Hmm …

I think whatever means not only the planned to-do lists things, but the backed-up sink, the lost keys, the long-winded friend or the throwing-up dog  …


We have a choice. We can grumble and complain and murmur (that’s another verse).

Or we can accomplish each task with all our hearts – as unto the Lord and not unto men.

And then?

Well, then we can blog about it all! (Oh, and a finished blog post DOES get something crossed off the to-do list. :))

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