Grounds of Hilmar Cheese

From 10 things to do in Northern Georgia to 10 things to do in the Central Valley of California.

My guest blogger today is Cindy.  The first day I met Cindy, we drove across Central California in my rental PT Cruiser – and did something that is on a lot of people’s lists of “things to do.”  We went to In-N-Out Burger. The same ‘ole, same ‘ole to Cindy, but that was my first (and I think ONLY time) to enjoy one of their delicious burgers.

I am not actually IN California experiencing these things at the present (though I wish I were), but Cindy agreed to guest blog and give us all some good visiting information.

So, heeeerrrrreeeee’sssss Cindy. (She even add five extra tourists attractions – so you have your itinerary all planned if you’re heading west.)

Grounds of Hilmar Cheese

1. Hilmar Cheese – take the tour (make sure you do the one that includes making ice cream), stay for lunch and buy some squeakers to take home.

2.  Knight’s Ferry – (here’s info. on it, not necessarily for the motorcycle roads).

3.  Oakdale Chocolate Festival –

I’ve not actually been to it, but someday …

4.  While in Oakdale also go to the Cowboy Museum.  A couple of years ago there was a debate between Oakdale and some town in TX as to which was the Cowboy capital.  Apparently Oakdale won.

5.   Columbia – Gold Rush Town, ride the stagecoach, take in a show at the Fallon House (Sierra Repertory Theater

6.   Dance to Jim Ingram’s Big Band most Wed. at the Turlock Senior Center [EDITOR’S NOTE – Cindy actually plays IN this band.]

7.   Eat at a Taco Truck – my favorite is El Hidalguense on East Ave & Center St., Turlock

Ingram's Band

8.   Or at the Latin Grill on Golden State Blvd.

9.   Be sure to see where President George HW Bush sat at Latif’s restaurant – and have some pie – Golden State blvd & Olive Ave, Turlock

10. Castle Air Museum, Atwater

11.  Visit the McHenry Mansion, Modesto – at Christmas

12.  On Thursdays in the summer listen to the MoBand at Graceada Park –

13.   Take a stroll on the beautiful Cal State Univ Stanislaus campus – (scroll down to sequoia lake)

14.   Take in a Minor League Baseball – Modesto Nuts (Rockies), Fresno Grizzlies (Giants), Stockton Port (A’s)

15.   For the best strawberries ever – stop by the strawberry stand at the corner of Monte Vista Ave and Walnut Ave.  They’re freshly picked and they taste like they’ve been dipped in sugar.

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