On September 11th, Awana celebrated its 60th anniversary by doing a simulcast live from Richmond, Virginia.

Other conferences around the country were hooked up via satellite. Literally thousands and thousands of leaders had the opportunity to listen to the speakers in Virginia.

I was at one of the satellite locations – Chattanooga. This conference was set up a little differently than some with both the satellite feed and traditional workshops. So, I was able to watch some of the satellite speakers and at other times was doing my own workshops.

I think the segment that most appealed to leaders was the one where Larry (one of our ELT members) interviewed our 92-year-old founder, Art Rorheim. (One big news item in Art’s life? He just bought himself an iPad.)  I’ve known Art for a long time – he was a friend of my dad’s.  But for a lot of people, the name Art Rorheim is simply part of Awana history. The opportunity for him to share how Awana began and his passion for reaching kids/youth  with the gospel – was unique and the only opportunity some of these people will have to hear him.

Those of us who were at the different satellite locations were asked to take pictures of the event for Headquarter use.

So, I took some pictures.

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