The dog can be growly and mean. The dog can be gentle and kind. Depends on who you are.

But the dog is also smart.

He knows how to open the door. I mean REALLY open it. I’m not talking about taking a partially-opened door and nudging it even more open. I’m talking about literally standing on his back two feet and unlatching it with his teeth. (Fortunately, he hasn’t learned how to unlock the door.)

If you’re in the house and he’s outside, you can tell when he does this. You hear the door open. You can tell it is still open (he doesn’t know how to close it yet.) You hear his paws clicking along the tile.  He said he wanted to go out, but now, once again, he is in.

But then you walk out to the kitchen to close the door and you see him running outside again and standing on the step as if, “Who me? What do you mean was I inside?” Because when he comes inside he gets a treat and he wouldn’t want you to actually see him inside and forget that he was outside. So when he hears you coming, he goes back outside and then nonchalantly walks once again, through the door – and gets his treat.

Silly dog.

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