The Sunday morning Sue and I headed north from Chattanooga – I drove and she navigated. Those of you who know me, know I collect counties, so as we’re riding Sue says, “Look, if you cut across this back road – you’ll get some new counties.” (No, she doesn’t have every county I haven’t been in memorized, but I had circled a few I still needed on the map.)

Sounded like a plan, so I turned on the back road. The sun was shining, the sky was bright blue – the weather was perfect.

And then suddenly, after going many miles – the road STOPPED!

Just like that!

We had run into the Ohio River.  I got out of the car to figure out what was happening. One other car was there – the people looked like they were heading to church – and they waved real friendly like.

The only way across the river was to wait for the ferry.

Which we did. How fun!  And free!  And unexpected.

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