So, it all started a week ago Friday. I was sitting in my motel room in Missoula, Montana, getting ready for the next day’s conference. All was well. The flight had been smooth and even the layover in Denver had been painless. I did kind of feel like I was getting a cold, but it was in the background and I decided not to worry about it at that point.  The fam had all just been through colds, so I figured it was possible, but theirs had only lasted a couple days, so I figured I could shake mine off, too.

By the next morning I knew for sure I had a cold, but at that point was more concerned about coughing than anything more.

I had three workshops and a general session to do – as I completed each one, my voice became softer and softer. By supper at Fuddrucker’s I was coughing and barely talking.

Otherwise, the conference went well. I especially enjoyed meeting a lady who writes for the same SS papers I write for. We recognized each other by name and it was like connecting with an old friend (and now are FaceBook friends), so that was very cool.

The church used to be a store in a strip mall and they are still in the process of rennovating. Because of the update, they rent out parts of the building to other businesses.  Some unique facilities.

In fact, during the first workshop, a foodbank was happening in the hall behind my room.  That particular wall was all glass, so I had kids knocking on the windows and waving to the class all during the workshop – which wasn’t really a problem for the specific class I was teaching because it was more informal.

So I coughed and whispered my way through the day.

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