After finishing supper (and continuing to struggle to speak), the MMs (MT. miss.) drove me to their home in a small town nestled in the valley off of Highway 141.

This is what I figured out about Montana – other than states that I’ve actually lived in (and there’s been a few), I have been in Montana more than any other state – make that about six months of my life.  I love Montana.  People who haven’t been there often think of Montana as all mountains – but like Colorado, the eastern part of the state is actually flat and for most of the year, rather dull and brown.  But when you hit Billings, you begin to get hints of what you’ll see in the western part of the state – majestic mountains, pine-bordered streams, avalanches of water falls.  Nothing compares to the beauty of western Montana. The wide open spaces attract deer, elk, moose, wolves and a bear or two.  This is as far away from downtown Chicago life as you can get.

The town (where the MMs) live has about 300 people and can be adequately described as a cross between Tuscola (MI) and Macleod (MT). Although I didn’t see too much of the town on Saturday night, by Sunday morning, the sun was shining and I wandered around before church.

(By this time, my voice had decided that it wouldn’t be giving a testimony during the SS hour, as much as my brain wanted to do so.)

I got to sit through the Journey lesson (which was fun – and I found a mistake in the text which will now go to marked copy) and then the church service itself.

We had planned on heading up to Glacier, but between the end of the conference and Sunday morning, the MM found out that Sunday was the last day Going-to-the-Sun-Road was opened for the season (because of construction, not weather).

That meant we had to get a quick start north.  So off we went.

2 thoughts on “OFF THE MAIN ROAD”

  1. Ah-h-h … you know we share this love for Montana. What a wonderful place it is! It’s been almost a year since I’ve been, although J was there much more recently. We thought we’d be there again in late November, but God had other plans. We’ll make it back (together) again some day, I’m sure. There are still grandparents and a stepbrother and sister-in-law to visit!

  2. Right, Allison. I thought of you while I was there. I have other pictures – just have been sick since I’ve been back. (Left my voice in the mountains – although the doctor said it was probably sitting in the airplane that did the damage).

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