Right across from the visitor’s center is an island. For a long time no one wanted it – the island was in Minnesota, but had a Wisconsin mailing address (or maybe it was the other way around – can’t remember).  And way back in the early 1900s it was a place of unsavory activities such as much drinking and prostitution. In fact, in spring when the snows would melt, they would literally find bodies of men who had died from drunkeness and brawls. Yet, no matter how many were arrested, the island always seemed to be crowded with young men.

Finally a brave sheriff got a whole army of brave men and raided the island. After that some Red Wing church people went over and tore down the buildings. Part of the unruliness was the uncertainty of which state actually had jurisdiction.

Now, there are houseboats lined up along the island – which many people actually use as summer cabins.  If you look at the one with the big front window, you can see a man inside.

As we were standing there, enjoying the view, a huge barge left the shore and we watched as it turned and pushed off down the river. Cool.

The Eisenhower Bridge connects Minnesota with Wisconsin.

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