Unfortunately, this was NOT it. I am still talking funny, but have decided this will just be the way I talk from now on – so you will not hear another word about it. 🙂


We continued to drive south along the river shore, now looking for somewhere unique to eat lunch – preferably a place that did not want us to expect a miracle of one world religion – but simply gave us good food.

We came to Lake City which is on Lake Pepin which is a natural lake next to the Mississippi River … and happened to see a bright yellow house with a Chickadee Cottage Cafe sign out front. Lots of people seemed to be walking in and out and it definitely looked unique.

So we tried it.

Turns out the Chickadee Cottage was voted Minnesota’s Favorite Roadside Diner and also made the list of 100 Restaurants Worth the Drive.

As we were waiting for our seat, a family came in and the man said to the hostess,  “I was awake all night thinking about your cinnamon rolls.”  That sounded like a good recommendation.

The cafe is in a house built in 1900 and they do have a gift shop, but the books seemed a lot more readable than those in the other restaurant we ate at on the way up.

The hostess took us to our seats (in the living room part of the house) and then explained that there is one breakfast menu. The customers pay a set price and then they bring you the food family style – but you can have as many refills as you want.

The first “course” was fruit and the keep-you-up-all-night-in-anticipation cinnamon rolls. The second course was eggs, sausage, ham potato casserole and some other food I can’t remember.  A lot of food – I’m guessing most people don’t ask for refills. All homemade and all very good.

If you’re driving through Lake City, I would recommend it, but it is ONLY open in the summer. It closes for the season on October 31.


  1. Just wanted all to know that this person was here for our SUNDAY Family Breakfast. This is not the only thing we serve. We are open Tues.-Sat. 8am-2:30pm with a full breakfast & lunch menu. Please visit for details.

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