I have a special guest blogger today!

I first met Jeanne when she was in her mid-teens and a kid in our church in Michigan.

Then we had a major contest and the two winners got a trip to Chicago with Ken and me. Neither girl had been to Chicago before and we had a great time. While there, Jeanne turned 16 and we took her to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor (I think it was at Woodfield at that time) where they sang and gave her some monstrous ice cream creation.

We also went to the Museum of Science and Industry and here we are in front of it. That’s Beth (the other winner), Sally, me, and Jeanne – Jeff and Kelli.

It’s been awhile (though Jeanne looks the same), but we’ve stayed in touch. Jeanne still lives in the same town, so who better to tell us ten things to do in the thumb area of Michigan.


1. Lumberman’s Monument . . . outside of Oscoda on the Au Sable River.  Used to go camping here when I was a child and I’ve gone back to visit several times.  Although it has changed a lot over the years, it’s still one of my favorite places to visit.  There are steps where you can go right to the river, it’s just beautiful there.

2. Iargo Springs . . . also outside of Oscoda on the Au Sable River, just down the road from Lumberman’s.  There are natural springs that run out of the hill side as you take the steps down to the river.  Lots of information provided on the way down about the springs, plants, natural area environment.

3. Tuscola Ball Park . . .nothing beats the ball park in summer time when it’s filled with people and games are going on.  I remember when I was a kid, my “girl” friends and I were influential in the park becoming a co-ed program.  Prior to that time it was boys only and only two ball diamonds, small concession stand and out house bathrooms.  Now it’s very co-ed, there are 4 diamonds, a nicer concession stand and flushable toilets 🙂 No outside lights though, like there used to be.

4. Cheeseburger in Caseville . . . Caseville is located midway north on the west side of the thumb.  The Cheeseburger festival there is so fun and festive, it’s held in mid-August and hosts a variety of activities that involve all age groups.  I just love the atmosphere there!

5. White Rock . . . is a roadside park on the east side of the thumb, right on Lake Huron.  White Rock is a rock that is in the water, that was orginally used by the Indians for different rituals and ceremonies.  Then the US Military started using it in WWI (I think) for target practice, which reduced the rock greatly in size.  It’s a very serene place.

6. Porcipine Mt.  . . . is located in northwest area of the upper pennisula.  The scenery is beautiful there.  Also, from the Mt. you can see Lake of the Clouds which is at the base of the mountain.

7. Barn Theatre in Port Sanilac. . . I was introduced to the Barn Theatre about 3 years and have gone there yearly since with a group of friends.  It is an old barn that has been turned into a small town theatre where throughout the summer plays are held.  It’s far from Broadway, but a lot of fun.  My friends and I stop at the Stone Lodge, also in Port Sanilac for dinner before the show and it’s just a good time, lots of laughter 🙂

8. East Tawas . . . I love being near the water.  Walking out on the piers, on the beach, bonfires w/ friends.  I have been fortunate enough over the past few years to go yearly with a group of friends where we rent cabins that have a piece of their own little beach.  So peaceful and relaxing.

9. Canoeing . . . I don’t have a favorite place that I like to canoe, but I like going canoeing and Michigan has alot of rivers that offer the opportunity.  My most recent canoeing adventure was in Omer last summer.  It was great time and no tipping 🙂

10. Tuscola (the town) . . . Home!  It’s just a small town in the middle of nowhere, but I love it here.  My roots are here and now my grandchildren will get to experience being raised in a small town and for that I’m grateful.  Surrounding Tuscola are several other small towns that each have their “fun” to offer and things to do, most with ing just a few miles.

One thought on “10 THINGS TO DO IN MICHIGAN”

  1. Great list of things to do in Michigan’s thumb Jeanne! There’s so much to see and do I’m sure you had a tough time narrowing it down to your top 10! For those of you that are looking to visit the thumb, I would gladly invite you to stay at our historic bed & breakfast in Caro, MI right in the heart of the thumb. We just opened and would love to be your home base and offer advice as you go and do your 10+ things in the thumb or just enjoy a relaxing vacation in a victorian era home. It’s called the Himelhoch B&B – http://www.himelhochbb.com/ – I hope to see you around the

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