1. Before you go on the race, be familiar with a stick shift (and learning to drive a truck wouldn’t hurt either).

2. Learn a little about the countries of the world (The number of countries is around 200 – so a read through once a day for a few weeks should help you enough not to think that Mexico is a part of New Zealand.  Ten minutes a day should be enough to make you sound fairly smart on national TV.)

3. Before you take a cab somewhere, make a quick stop to ask someone the location of the next stop. Then ask the cab driver if HE knows. That will at least help you a little bit.

4. If you’re driving somewhere yourself, ask, ask, ask for directions over and over until you’re sure.

5. Know that you will either have to climb to the highest heights, swim the deepest sea, eat something gross, do tasks that are somewhat physical, etc. You’re on the Amazing Race, so don’t act so surprised when you have to climb, swim, eat, sweat.

6. Don’t trust other team members for advice.

7. Oh, good grief!  Read the directions on the clue. Even if it takes five extra minutes, read them twice. That’s better than getting lost or getting a penalty.

8. If you’re doing a road block where you have to look for something in a massive amount of stuff. Work methodically. Then when you’ve looked through 3/4 of the stuff, don’t stop and do the other road block because you’ll never find what you’re looking for!  You’ve already been through 3/4 of the stuff and it’s there, so keep working methodically and don’t give up!

9. Don’t worry about the progress of the other teams. Keep going!

10. When you win because of my tips – share the money with me. 🙂


  1. It’s funny you wrote that. After last week’s episode I was thinking some of those exact same thoughts.

    So are you ready to sign up to be on the show yet? LOL

  2. I’ll do it if YOU do the bungee jumping – anything that lands me upside down would do me in 🙂

    Actually – that’s another tip – decide before hand who will do the physical tasks and who will do the smart tasks or who will do water and who will do heights.

  3. Uh, sorry, you’ll have to find another partner to do that part. Count me out. And I don’t do food challenges either.

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