This has been a difficult week for several reasons – but in the midst of the difficulty, I definitely had some high points.

I spent yesterday cleaning out my office, packing up everything from the last paper clip to my computer itself. Sad to be leaving my window cubicle, the one “under the tree.” I loved having a front row seat to the rain and the snow (although mostly when I saw the snow, I worried about my drive home.)

I will be moving up to the third floor (and wondering if I have to change the name of my blog.)  My window view is gone – although I can still see out the window – many, many, MANY feet away. The only thing moved so far is my priceless picture of Sparky holding my Modern-Day Joseph book, drawn by Sparky artist Joel himself. I should’ve taken a picture of my office before I left. When I come back after Thanksgiving, it will be all moved.

Anyhow, I decided it was time for a thankfulness check – after all, Thanksgiving is only a few days away.

So here goes —

1. I am thankful for God’s peace propping up my mind – Isaiah 26:3. (Chin up!) even when life and circumstances and people let me down.

2. I am thankful for my job (even though our offices are being switched around.)

3. I am thankful that when I was at the clinic for my test this morning and the nurse didn’t come back and didn’t come back and didn’t come back, it wasn’t because anything was wrong, but because they were all watching Oprah. They were watching a co-worker’s daughter on the “Oprah’s giving away all her favorite things” show.

4. I am thankful for brown, red, yellow and orange leaves – especially when they’re on the tree and not in the yard, but even in the yard is ok.

5. I am thankful for laughter.

6. I am so thankful for my bargain-hunting daughter who clues me in on things like Lowe’s Facebook page giveaways and photo-book bargains. (Though I’m the one who found the $25.00 Giordano’s coupon for $2.00 this week.)

7. I am thankful for my son who checks in every morning giving me my daily laugh.

8. I am thankful today is the 11yo’s birthday. When Ken first died, we were concerned about the anniversary of his death and the 11yo’s birthday being so close, but I have changed my perspective. I think it is good. This is the tapestry of our family life.

9. I am thankful for books. Need to do a book review post soon.

10. I am thankful that I have Someone to thank.

(And I am thankful for the phone call that happened between point 10 and actually publishing the post.)

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