Written by Christy.

#1 – Visit Spitting Cave

The Spitting Cave is hidden away in Portlock, Hawaii. This small cave will “spit” out water when the waves come in.







#2 – Visit Mokulua Islands

The Mokuluas are twin islands located offshore from the beautiful Lanikai Beach on the windward cost. Be sure to spend time browsing in the shops and restaurants of Kailua. It was our favorite town on Oahu.







#3 – Visit Nuuanu Pali State Park

The Pali Lookout overlooking Kailua offers beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean. Hang on to your hat though, it’s extremely windy!






#4 – Spend a day on Waikiki Beach.

Take off your shoes and walk on the world famous Waikiki Beach.






#5 – Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Spend an entire day here learning about daily life on eight different islands. There are many fun, interactive things to do! If you come to Oahu, don’t miss this!






#6 – Get a Matsumoto Shave Ice

Located on the North Shore, Matsumoto’s Shave Ice has been serving up ice cold shave ice for years. This shave ice is  worth standing in the long line for!

(To be continued.)

One thought on “TWELVE THINGS TO DO ON OAHU – Part 1”

  1. Stoked that you liked our town Kailua. Next time, you must stop at Island Snow, by far the best shave ice on Oahu, and the coolest and cleanest one as well. They got an apparel store within that has the best of surf and street wear. Lines are long, but it’s well worth the wait.

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