Last night we had the privilege of watching the Glory Kids Choir perform “The Cradle Rocks.”

The kids have been practicing every week since early September, plus a couple Saturdays and they sounded like it. Extremely good quality of kid singmanship.

Here is my mom playing Angry Birds as she waits for the concert to begin.

Here is the 6yo on the big screen, singing with the 1st and 2nd grade choir. I thought having the words scroll on screen as the kids sang was a great idea.  I wish I had thought of that during all those programs I directed. Not only did it make what the kids were singing understandable, but helped my mom who has trouble hearing.

Even if a church doesn’t have a screen, the words can be written in the printed program. (And could include not only the lyrics, but the words the kids say in their speeches.)

The directors taught music education this first part of the year and the kids learned how to keep time. Here is the 11yo playing the xylophone on the big screen while the 3rd-6th grade choir sang.

The grand finale with the 1st-6th graders.

3 thoughts on “MUNCHKIN CONCERT”

  1. So, everyone is aware that Jesus wasn’t in a cradle, right? That was kind of a big point with the manger, feed trough thing?

  2. the most ironic thing about the title was that it was “the Cradle Rocks!” as though the music was gonna rock. It was good, but it could not be construed as rockin’.

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