2011 BOOKS

So every year I say I’ll read 100 books and every year I start out real well and I continue real well, too, but after about the first 20 I don’t feel like taking the time to summarize them and I quickly lose count.

But it’s at the beginning of the year – so I’m willing to attempt to record all 100 books again. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell my blog readers about ALL of them, just the ones I feel are most interesting.)

1. One-lane Bridge by Don Reid. I am not a country music fan, a “supernatural happening” fan or a time travel fan. Having said that, I AM a Statler Brothers fan and when I heard that Don Reid, one of the original Statler Brothers is now a writer (since the Statler Brothers disbanded), I was interested. So, when I found one of his books at the Half-Price Bookstore, I purchased it. (About that trip to the Half-Price store. I took two boxes of books to sell and they offered me $20.00 which I took. However, all six munchkins were with me and I told them that I would give them each $5.00 to spend on books – so I came out with $15.00 less than I had when I went in – considering that I also bought the Statler brother book. Not a smart budget move- but hey, good memories.)

Anyhow, the book was about a “supernatural happening” and time travel all in the name of Christianity. Whoa! Not my thing.

See, the main character takes a ride in the country and his car breaks down. He goes for help at an old farm house in which the people are poor and sickly. But when he and his wife go back to bring the people groceries, the farmhouse is gone. When he goes back by himself, however, the farmhouse is there, but when he takes his friend, the farmhouse is gone … Anyhow, he saves the girl’s life and then later the girl …

Quite complicated. Quite implausible. Hmmm … Quite well-written. Quite good character development. “Quite” enough that if I have opportunity to read his other book, I will do so.

So, I have NO idea how many stars to give it.  I’ll plead the fifth, even though the fifth has nothing to do with book reviews.

2. Going Home to Glory by David and Julie Eisenhower. This book is a study of Eisenhower’s postwar years written from the viewpoint of his grandson, David (and Julie).  They gathered information from their diaries, Ike’s diaries and letters to friends. David quotes a lot of the letters his grandfather wrote to him.

Very interesting detail – about how Eisenhower actually advised Kennedy on occasion, but was continually in contact with President Johnson about the Vietnam War. (Eisenhower thought the US should fight the war, but wanted us to win it and get it over with.)

Also, how he petitioned Kennedy to change his title from President Eisenhower to General Eisenhower because he had been working all his life toward being a general.

Ike’s family members were a little afraid of him and you don’t get the idea that Mamie was someone with whom he discussed decisions. (Mamie’s granddaughter wrote a book about her a few years back that makes you think Mamie mostly cared about her bridge playing.)

I recommend this book, especially to anyone interested in presidential history.

I give it four stars. **** (Oh, wait a minute – Eisenhower is a five star general.)




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