No, this blog will NOT become a book review site, but I did want to review Book #3 because knowing a lot of you personally, I think this is an author you’d enjoy.

I was wandering around our very awesome church library one Sunday morning (yes, this is truly an awesome library) casually looking at books, reading the always-over-the-top book-jacket descriptions and trying to decide what I wanted to read.

“What kind of book are you looking for?” A tall, thin, dignified lady asked in a grammatically articulate tone of voice. She wore a gray suit (as if she worked at a downtown law office or taught Latin at a prestigious university) and reminded me of some teachers I’ve had – the kind that would not accept less than your best.

“I like a lot of subjects,” I told her.

At that point one of the librarians came up and my new friend said, “I wanted to show this lady the Randy Singer books.”

“Oh,” the librarian sighed. “You can’t find better Christian fiction than his. If you like John Grisham, you’ll like Randy Singer.”

So, with the two ladies giving me an infomercial on Randy Singer, I figured I better take out one of his books.

Which I did.

I took out The Justice Game which is a step-by-step narration of a lawsuit as to whether a gun manufacturer can be sued when someone is killed by one of its guns. Mr. Singer takes you through the thoughts of both sides of the case and in fact, after he did his research, he wasn’t sure which side he wanted to win.  So he wrote two endings to his book and then put the two endings on his website so that his readers could decide the ending. The characters are well-developed, the details precise and the writing good. Yes, it did indeed remind me of a John Grisham book.

I am now reading one of his books that focuses on abortion, stem-cell research and cloning.

I highly recommend this author. The lawyer/Latin prof was right.


2 thoughts on “BOOK #3”

  1. Irreparable Harm talks about a lot of ethical issues concerning fertility, abortion, surrogate parenting, etc.

    I won’t tell you if you’re right on the pictures – yet 🙂

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