At the beginning of 2010, Larry Fowler (a member of our Executive Leadership Team) challenged us to:

Memorize 1000 verses.

Read 1000 chapters of the Bible.

Run 1000 miles.

Ok, right off  I knew I wouldn’t be running any 1,000 miles. (Riding my bike 1,000 miles would’ve been a lot more doable for me, but I decided to be reasonable and not even think about that challenge – though I do regularly exercise.)

Memorizing 1000 verses would be challenging, but not something that I particularly wanted to agree to back last January.

But the reading 1,000 chapters fascinated me. I’m someone who works well with lists and goals and that seemed like a good one. I especially liked that I could make up my own rules – which I did.

My #1 rule was this. I could read the same chapter over and over and over again until I felt as if I understood the message that the author (by the inspiration of God) wanted to get across to us, the reader. And each time I read the chapter, I could put a check mark toward my 1,000 chapters. I didn’t have to get through the Bible or the Old Testament or the New Testament or stay on someone else’s preset schedule, I just had to read. I had no agenda – just 1,000 chapters.

I enjoyed this process. I liked reading the same chapter over and over before moving on to the next one and didn’t feel the pressure I’ve felt in other Bible reading schedule.

And yes, I ended up reading 40 chapters the last week, but I did make my 1,000-chapter goal.

Just a suggestion – we’re still at the beginning of the year – you can do it!

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