For some reason the outfit I wore today reminded me of an almost-embarrassing moment I had several years ago.

The Bradley Center had just opened in Milwaukee and Ken and I were there for some special event – I can’t remember what. But, I do remember I had heels on and my winter coat.

As is typical of large stadiums, the upper tiers are steep and you need to carefully walk down the steps because a fall could be quite treacherous.

So, we had just come out of our row and had about six steps to get down out of the seats to level ground. I went to take a step and my heel caught in the hem of my coat – and STUCK.  Ken was a little behind me and unable to grab me as he saw me teeter on one heel and fall forward.

I tumbled through the air – helpless to get my heel out of my coat hem and get my footing.

But there at the bottom of the steps, some gentleman saw my cordless bungee jumping and reached out and caught me – saving me a ton of embarrassment and probably, a trip to the ER.

Every time I wear my heeled boots and good coat, I think of that night and the quick-thinking, kind man whoever he was.

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