I’ve been listening to a lot of books on CDs lately on my ever-so-exciting commute.

One of the books I recently heard was by a food critic for a well-known newspaper. I would have recommended the book to you, but in looking at her other books, discovered reviews that weren’t that great (and weren’t about food), so passed on a recommendation.

I did enjoy this book.

I got into my car on those cold, dark, first-week-of January mornings and instantly I heard a description of “spice and sweetness that went somersaulting through my mouth” or “shrimp so succulent, you can taste the ocean.”

Next to me was my brown lunch bag filled with a collage of foods quickly thrown in on the way out the door.  Healthy, but disconnected.

Oh, to have a meal artfully plated (or even to have somersaulting tastes)!

So when my friend and I decided to meet for dinner, I went hunting for a restaurant I hadn’t been to before in the area where we wanted to meet. I found one, so asked a friend at work (or lived in the area of the restaurant) if he had been there.

“I haven’t heard of that one, but I know exactly where you should go,” he told me.

He directed me to Regina’s.

The restaurant got off to a good start because just THINKING about a good Italian meal on zero-degree day is satisfying.

However, when I arrived at the restaurant in my rather high-heeled boots, navigating the parking lot was a little treacherous. I mean, they could hold the US Skating Championships on that parking lot. I know it’s been a difficult week to keep the ice off the sidewalk and driveways – but still when you’re a business, I would think you would do SOMETHING.  As I waited for my friend, I watched other people gingerly make their way from car to door.

Inside – the restaurant was warm and inviting with a mural painted along one wall which reminded both of us of Culross. Some of the tables were sectioned off by curtains. (I noticed that the people they had chosen to put behind the curtains that night – was not a couple on a date, but rather a family with kids.)

The server was friendly. I decided on hot tea and she brought us a large box of TAZO tea from which to choose. We both choose wild orange. I am a big TAZO tea fan – at least their iced tea. However, we didn’t like the orange hot tea. Kind of weirdly spicy or something – certainly didn’t somersault down my mouth or anywhere else. But then, that was the tea, not the restaurant.

My friend ordered chicken marsala and I ordered the chicken tetrazzini. My friend said hers was good – she had a couple rather large pieces of chicken on top of the pasta.  My serving was also very large. I honestly don’t think I could’ve eaten it all even if I wanted to. The pasta had large chunks of chicken (sometimes in this type of dish, the chicken is hidden) and was covered with a creamy alfredo sauce that had great taste.

Even after eating for quite awhile, I had hardly made a dent in my dish. I had enough for both lunch and dinner the next day and still didn’t finish it. (Do not even want to THINK about the total number of calories on THAT plate.)

I will give this restaurant a 3. Lots I liked about it. But neither of us liked the tea and that parking lot was crazy. I guess the other negative is they sat everyone fairly close together (except for the family with the kids behind the curtain) even though there were lots of empty tables. We had a fairly loud table right behind us and at times couldn’t even hear each other talk. I understand restaurants have no say on who is loud and who isn’t – but you can spread your customers out a little when you’re not overly busy.

So, even though I gave it a three – I would recommend it.

OK, my stint as food critic is now done.

I have to go cook supper.

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