This week at work we were talking about decorating our corner of the Headquarter Universe.   As we talked about the different aspects of decorating, I started thinking about how much I liked decorating with words – being a word person and all …

Once at home, I looked around and noticed that a lot of the wall space is covered with words.

So, a few blog posts on the words on my wall – because a lot of them have stories behind them.


Once upon a time, Ken and S and K, my mom and I would go to Spaghetti Warehouse after church each Sunday. Why? Not sure. I can’t even remember how we started going there (I think it had something to do with the men liking the veal parmesan.) After awhile the servers got to know us and as soon as we’d get there, they’d bring Ken a large coke (after preaching all morning, he’d be mega-thirsty and they’d be ready for him).

As time went on, we developed a friendship with the manager and he always gave us a good table – and offered a 5% off the check deal to anyone who brought in their church bulletin (and a lot of people from church took advantage of it).

If you’ve ever been to a Spaghetti Warehouse, you know they have a trolley car in the middle with ads along the trolley car walls    ( like they do in real trolleys or buses). One of the ads said “Eat Your Vegetables – Aunt Linda.”  Since neither of my nieces liked vegetables, I thought that would be a cool sign for the kitchen. So, I asked the manager if there was a central “signs for the Spaghetti Warehouse” warehouse. I said I would pay him to order me a similar sign.

“Oh, no problem,” he said. “Just wait a minute.”  He went into the trolley, totally rearranged all the signs and the “Eat Your Vegetable” sign was mine – and is now in the kitchen. We continued going to the Warehouse until the manager left for a position in another company. Just wasn’t the same after that.

One thought on “WALL WORDS #1”

  1. Your “vegetables” sign gives soul to your home. I love words and quotes all about. They make our environments come alive and express so much who we are. My love for them actually led me to opening a business for them. Yes, I tend to get carried away.

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