We were driving home from a conference in California and decided to stay overnight in Georgetown. We were late in the season and most everything was closed – including all the restaurants – but we had been driving all day and didn’t really feel like getting in the car and driving to another town for food.

We ended up getting a sandwich wrapped in plastic from a gas station (Yuck! I have a real aversion to stuff wrapped in plastic that you know is at least two days old. Especially sandwiches or pastries. Yuck and double yuck!)

But then we walked around town, enjoying the hilly streets and looking in the shop windows. We came to this gallery and it was amazingly actually open. We went in and the owner was there rearranging some things. We looked at the picture (we both enjoyed wild life photography) and chatted with the owner. I can’t remember if we actually bought this poster or if she gave it to us. If we did buy it, it wasn’t very much – but it looks good on the off white of the hall.

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