Anyone who knows our family well knows about the whole Lusitania thing – how if it hadn’t gone down, we wouldn’t be here.

Because my grandfather (who lost his first wife and their two children on the ship) wouldn’t have married my grandmother and they wouldn’t have had my mother and so on and so on …

So I when I saw the sheet music to “As the Lusitania Went Down” on e-bay, I bought it.

Talk about tear-inducing music!

Where do you sing such a song?


The sun was sparkling brightly
upon the ocean foam,
The Lusitania, speeding fast,
was very nearly home.

Then came the blow so sudden
that pierced the vessel’s heart.
But while the crowd surged o’er the deck
a young man stood apart.

He stepped into a lifeboat,
but ere it left the deck,
he saw a woman and her child
upon the sinking wreck.

“Come, take my place”
he told her, and as she stepped inside,
he thought again of those he loved
and like a hero died.

He thought of the girl who loved him.
He thought of their wedding day,
as he looked on the angry ocean
eager to seize its prey.

He thought of his poor old mother
in a little southern town.
And sadly sighed “thy will be done”
as the Lusitania went down.

Arthur J. Lamb and F. Henri Klickmann

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