So yesterday after church, the 8yo and 11yo and I went out to eat.

The restaurant (a well-known Italian franchise) was packed, but we had a great  and attentive server named Sarah who just moved north from Louisiana.

While we were waiting for our food, another server dropped a glass which exploded into hundreds of pieces – right next to us – in fact, one hit the 8yo on the leg – however, she was wearing tights and it didn’t hurt her.

We watched as our server stood watch over the glass, until another server came with a mop/broom and then the manager herself came and guarded the broken glass until every last piece was up.

The girls watch the entire procedure and the three of us got into a discussion of broken-glass protocol. We noticed how it all seemed to be down to a particular sequence.

Then we got curious, so we asked Sarah h0w often a server broke a dish.

Sarah was more than happy to let us in on some statistics, which I will share with you because I know you were wondering about this very thing.

On a busy day,  one of the servers will break or spill something about once an hour.

On a slow day, only one or two breaks or spills will happen during the entire day.

Sarah even stopped by on the way to another table with a tray of drinks to tell us: “This is the type of tray that is most likely to spill.”

Now you know.

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