So, life went on.

A few years back I met a girl who  lives in Tyrone – the town where I went to school when we lived at the house.  I told her that I used to live in Sinking Valley in the Fort Roberdeau farmhouse. I asked her if she had ever visited the fort.

Well, not only had she visited it – she works there as a volunteer taking part in reenactments and talking to the tourists and school groups – while dressed in costume.

Interestingly, she is a pastor’s daughter and at least one of the men who attends her dad’s church attended my dad’s church when I was a kid in PA. (My mom has remained in touch with him and his wife.)

Here are some pictures of Noelle at the fort. She is also looking for a better picture of the house  for me to post. (Maybe I’ll actually have her write a post about working at the fort.)

What a cool chain of events!

Noelle looking out the barn where I used to play.
Leaning against the barn.
Noelle with a young Colonial. See the house in the background?

3 thoughts on “HOUSE – PART 4”

  1. Hey, Noelle, thanks for the pictures. I did know that was your sister, but was being vague on identity 🙂
    Seriously, if you would like to write a post about volunteering there – that would be a super cool addition to this story.
    Even though most people don’t comment – I know the story has gotten lots and lots of hits – and people have told me that they’ve enjoyed reading it.
    When you think about, it’s very cool that we met – seriously, what are the chances?

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