Yesterday I wrote about people asking other people about whether or not they’ve read a book.

Here are three books I recommend –

33. Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton – This is the book that the movie is from. After previewing the movie last month, I told the llyo that I would see if I could get the book so we could write about Bethany for our family Purim celebration (which was today). I was able to get it on Amazon used books for a penny. Yep. A penny. It costs more to ship it than to buy it. This is a good book for girls in that tween/teen time in life – a book about a girl who overcame great hardship (her arm was bitten off by a shark). She credits her faith in Christ for seeing her through.

34. Finding Go In Unexpected Places by Philip Yancey. This was originally written back in (I think) 1995 and recently updated with some chapters being taken out and new ones written. The book is basically a compilation of Yancey’s columns in Christianity Today so it jumps all over the place – so he gives good thoughts on a variety of subjects. Everything from AIDS to Islam to organization budget appeals.  Good book to listen to while commuting.

35. UnPlanned by Abby Johnson. Abby’s journey from being director of a Planned Parenthood clinic to her jump to Coalition for Life. Very thoughtful and well-written as Abby thinks through what she believes.

The first one I bought (as I said). The second I got out of my local public library. The third I got from the church library.

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