Crazy week – I’ve done a lot of things most of which aren’t all that interesting to anyone NOT doing them.

I did spontaneously walk a 5k. I had some time and HQ had organized one, so decided to go for it. Of course, I’ve walked that far before, but not officially. The weather was absolutely the greatest ever for a fun walk.

At my table, R. and J. attempt to put together a puzzle of the front of a cereal box.
R. and J. attempt to assemble a puzzle of a cereal box front at my table.

I then stayed to help out with the fierce competition of a Minute to Win It party. (Not sure why the apostrophe’s in my captions are looking weird.)

Emma has the right idea - this is the way to "run" a marathon - though Im not sure you burn all that many calories.
LuAnn checks her coin-filled Pepsi cans - contestants had to put them in order of number of coins.
People gather around to watch a tie-breaker.
JP does photography duty.
N. attempts to balance six dice on a popsicle stick held by Ds teeth.
One group has left the starting line - another group gathers.

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