You know what the Oscars are all about.

You know about the Grammys and the Emmys.

But do you know about the Higher Goals and Award of Excellence – they’re given out for the best Christian publications of the year and yes, there are tons of categories: Best interview, best two-page spread, best cover design, best editorial …. etc.

Publications themselves send in their best of the best to be judged and hundreds of articles, stories, designs, etc. are submitted.

This past week I once again attended the EPA conference (I think this is my sixth) where the editors and writers meet, chat, attend workshops and attend the luncheons where the awards are given.

Although in past years I’ve gone as faraway as Oregon and Florida to attend the conference, this year it was only nine miles away from home!  Yeah!  Nice for gas prices.

Oh, and the Award of Excellence for the best general magazine of the year?

Answers (by Answers in Genesis).

Good conference.  Good fun.

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