Here’s a savings tip for you.

If you live near a Premium Outlet mall (hint: If you live near me, you do), here’s a great way to save some money.

1. Go to the Premium Outlet website:

2. Sign up for their VIP program. (They aren’t overly invasive with their questions.)

3. Look at the list of coupons available and the top one will be VIP COUPON BOOK.

4. Print that out and take it to the information booth at the mall.

I decided to try it since there was something I needed to get. I don’t like long, complicated sign-ups, but this wasn’t. The info booth is in the food court and immediately, I had my book which is really a brochure listing the stores and the discount.

So, I headed where I needed to go. I needed to buy 3 items. Original price $33.00, outlet price $23.00.  They also had a half price sale today, so I ended up with a total of $51.00 instead of $99.00. I then handed over my VIP coupon book and got an additional 20% off which brought it down another $10.00.

Not bad and easy to do.

And I can continue to use the coupon book – although not at that particular store.

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