Well, last night was the Glory Kids Choir presentation of I Witness News Live from Jericho.

Everything went as planned: No one forgot their lines; songs were sung clearly, the sunglasses came out on cue and the walls of Jericho tumbled down including the prop-house off to the side of the stage. Then in mass, 120 kids attacked the brownies, cupcakes, cookies, fruit and juice in the gym.  Six months of hard work – but the result was excellent. All three munchkins were in the musical, but the two girl munchkins were Israelites and so were somewhat hidden by their costumes. But the boy munchkin was front and center and could I just add here – he was IN TO this!

The musical focused of course, on Jericho, which I thought was quite timely. Here were the Israelites looking for a home and this week, the home of the Israelites is once again in the news.

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