1. A strange, good day.

2.Had a good time visiting a friend in a retirement home yesterday – she is one of the first people I met at Central – she and her husband were the pulpit committee who came to visit us in Racine. By the end of lunch that long ago day, we knew we had made good friends.

3. I like the yard – even though it’s a lot of hard work.

4. I’m watching House Hunters – two sisters getting an apartment in Tel Aviv. Cool. The thing I remember about the apartments in Tel Aviv is all the beautiful flowers – like bougainvillea hanging from the balconies WAY high up.

5. Princess Beatrice sold her wedding hat on eBay for $130,000. She’s giving the money to charity. That’s all well and good but who actually spent $130,000 for that?

6. I don’t think I have a lot of random thoughts tonight.

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