Just got back from a fun weekend.

Celebrated Memorial Day and the 8yo munchkin’s birthday.

I’ll write more about what we did later.

But here’s a start.

Sunday evening around dusk, Jeff and Cindy heard a barred owl. Cindy went on an owl hunt and came back saying she had spotted it in a nearby tree. We then headed back out so she could show me.  Of course I had my camera.  The sky quickly was turning dark and even though I spotted him, I could not get a good picture. Still, I took a couple.  I mean, I don’t get to take pictures of barred owls every day. I didn’t figure I would be able to see him in the picture, but I could say I took one.

When I downloaded the pictures to my computer, however, one of his eyes gleamed in the darkness – and because I can see his one eye, I can tell where his head is and  make out the rest of him. First time I’ve ever been happy about a red eye in a picture.

So, here is a not-good-picture of a barred owl, but it’s the best picture of a barred owl I ever took.


  1. Maybe it was – this owl had a wicked “hoot” that went on for a couple hours.

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