So while the 9yo and I were on her BD trip to Jelly Belly we decided to go up the road a little farther for some kringle.

That stuff you get in grocery stores, wrapped in plastic, is NOT kringle and especially NOT Racine kringle even though it says Racine kringle right on the label. I mean, maybe it’s from Racine and maybe it’s a faux kringle, but it’s not the real thing.

Of course, once we got to town, I was in home territory; the place where we moved when the kids were in 2nd and 3rd grade and where we moved from when they were in their 2nd and 3rd years of college.

Other than the kringle and actually much more importantly than the kringle, the thing I liked about living in Racine was the close proximity to Lake Michigan. Our house was less than a mile away and often at night when all was still and quiet, we could hear the fog horn from one of the signal towers (and the peacocks screeching at the lakeside zoo).

I would sit at my desk writing for a few hours and then, for a break, get on my bike and head down to the beach. Immediately, I was removed from the drudgery of the day and away to somewhere vacation-like. Whenever we had visitors in town, we took them there. So I have a multitude of pictures of Wind Point with a multitude of various friends posing in front of the lighthouse.

We drove through town, passing the house and the school where the 9yo’s mom attended. The 9yo had been to Racine before, but the last time she was there, she was only 4 and didn’t quite understand. This time she did, especially when I said her mom lived there when she was 9.

She grew thoughtful and then said, “I wish I had a built-in time machine so I could see my mom here when she was my age.”  Pause, and then (knowing how to charm me) added, “I’m glad I’m getting to see it all with her mom.” Sigh.

We then headed out to Wind Point. I can’t remember the last time I was there, but the grounds (always well kept) are different.  They’ve made a little garden area with flowers and benches and have also turned one of the out buildings into a tiny museum and gift shop.

If you like lighthouses, Wind Point is a great visit.


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