Yesterday was fun.

Last fall when I was in Montana for the Awana conference (the conference where I lost both my voice and my jacket),  a lady approached me and introduced herself. Immediately I recognized her name. She writes for one of the publications I write for (and she recognized my name). As we chatted, she mentioned that she was coming to the Chicago area to tour said publication and she would also like to tour Awana. She would have her two youngest children with her. Coincidentally, her llyo has the same name as the 11yo munchkin so I thought it would be fun to have the suburban munchkin come and meet the mountain munchkin.

So that’s what we planned.

Meanwhile Awana needed a T&T clubber yesterday to do a product video which will be on the online store. So I signed the suburban munchkin up for that. She made history because this was also Zac’s first video he has taken for A. She is holding a mini-fan that has words on it.

So, then we were waiting around for the visitors to arrive and one of the members of the Awana leadership team noticed the llyo wearing her T&T jersey, complete with a year’s worth of patches – so he asked her if she would go in and show the shirt to the board members (who just happened to be meeting). Which she did.

The visitors then arrived and we took a tour and the two kids with the same name got to know each other. They are only two months apart in age and every time we called one of them, both would answer.

After the tour (which was cool because Art Rorheim happened to be in the building for the board meeting, so they got to meet him) – we went to Pinstripes. However, we did not bowl or play bocce ball.

Fun day with new friends.

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