After lunch we headed back down to the St. Clair River which is part of the St. Lawrence Seaway and eventually connects Lake Huron with Lake Erie. Port Huron is a swim across the river from Sarnia, Canada.

The town is exceptionally clean with many old, Victorian houses which are newly remodeled is soft, but varied colors.  Many lakeside parks dot the river and further up – Lake Huron. The downtown also is busier than a lot of downtowns – probably because of the proximity to the river and the Blue Water Bridge which is one of the busiest entryways to Canada (The other being Detroit.)

Port Huron is the hometown of Thomas Edison. He lived here from the time he was seven until he went out on his own in his late teens. His first job was selling newspapers and candy each morning on the train between P.H. and Detroit.

The railroad bridge is rather unusable!  But no one wants to dismantle it because it would cost too much money – so it sits there like a tower! I just hope I’m standing under it during a windstorm!

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