We waited for the drawbridge which was up to come down.

And headed for our hotel which was a free night with points earned.

As I checked in I asked the clerk if he would recommend any good places to eat for supper. (I am always looking for “indigenous” restaurants – just ask anyone who has ever traveled with me.) At the same time I knew we had already had a unique experience at lunch, so was doubting anything else would pop up!  But the clerk told me about two – and one sounded interesting, so we headed back downtown.

We waited for the drawbridge which was up to come down.

Seeing we were close to the lighthouse, we decided to stop and get some pictures from the land side of it – however, it was surrounded by an ugly, wire fence because they were revamping it. Got as close as I could and then we headed back to the road to search for the restaurant.

And we waited for the drawbridge which was up to come down.

Seriously, Racine has a drawbridge right downtown, but I don’t think I waited for it more than a few times in 13 years. This one was like a teeter-tooter.

We found the restaurant and what a treat!

Originally built in the 1800s, it’s been a grocery store, a drug store, a farmer’s market and a butcher shop – then the current owners bought it in 2008 and created the Atrium Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor. They also own the antique shop next door and the restaurant is filled with antiques – many of the chairs are theater seats, windows are from churches and a giant (paper mache?) bird named Miss Ruby sat over Barb’s head. A Christmas tree and lights added to the atmosphere.

I ordered a vegetable-stuffed baked potato which was delicious and we split a piece of carrot cake because the guy at the hotel told us “you have to have their carrot cake.” And of course, we always listen to hotel clerks.

As we were eating, the owner himself stopped by and answered some of the questions we had about the decor and then went to another table and serenaded a little boy who was celebrating his birthday.  When I got home, I looked it up online and saw that the owner greets just about everyone who eats there — and that just about everyone who eats there enjoys the experience.

So two restaurants if you go to Port Huron: The Raven and The Atrium.

Could not believe we found two unique places in one day.

And we waited for the drawbridge which was up to come down – and headed back to our hotel.


  1. We like to eat at “indigenous” restaurants, too! The Atrium sounds quite unique! I would have liked it, I’m sure. ♥’d the pictures, too.

  2. Thanks, Rebecca – this is only about a day’s drive for you – you should head up sometime 🙂

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