The next morning we headed north around the thumb. (Michigan is a mitten, you know.)

The day was cloudy. The sky was gray. The lake was gray. The pier was gray. (The outhouse was spidery.)

And it was here we had the mystery of the bikes. Why was a perfectly good kids’ bike lying in the water?

Why was a perfectly good tricycle even further out in the water?

They were a distance from shore – but not so far out, someone couldn’t get them?

Barb decided that a dad got upset with his whiny kids and tossed them.

Or maybe they floated up from a shipwreck?

Though it could be they fell off a boat?

I guess we’ll never know. In the distance, you can see the Harbor Beach Lighthouse, but we couldn’t get close to it because it wasn’t Saturday and you can only get close to it on Saturdays when they have boat tours. The lighthouse is a mile out in the lake.

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