So after wandering around the thumb area of Michigan’s mitten, we headed back to town.  The next morning, we headed to Bronners for some more wandering.  No place better to be on a hot summer’s day than the huge Bronner’s store with Christmas tree lights blinking and carols playing in the background.

Then we met up with Mary Lou and headed for Applebees.

Now – check out this picture: This was taken many moons ago – make that years – actually you could even throw a couple decades in there.

So – the plan was to meet up with these ladies again. (However, Grace, the lady in the red sweater was away on vacation so I didn’t get a chance to see her – and a couple other ladies NOT in the original picture were also present last week.)

Six of us sat in a booth and we ordered. The server brought our drinks – I had ordered iced tea – and then our food. Mary Lou ordered soup and a sandwich – so as the server was attempting to hand the plate to her – I took it. I was being conscious of the soup – not wanting to spill it – but I didn’t realize the plate had a bottom rim that made it a lot thicker than I thought – and in a split second – my entire LARGE glass of iced tea was in my lap – every last drop, every last ice cube. Talk about cold! I was soaking wet and the server sent me to the ladies room to dry off by the hand dryer. Which was a great idea, but the hand dryer was broken.

They brought me towels and I blotted the front of my pants – but pretty much I spent the next hour and a half sitting in a puddle of iced tea and ice cubes on a vinyl seat – in my white pants!  Fortunately, any impression to be made on these ladies happened years ago.

So, we all just had a good laugh.  Here is “us” last week. I am sitting where Grace is sitting in the first picture (I was taking the first picture), but thought it funny that otherwise, everyone (coincidentally) is in the same place.


We went back to the house and Barb’s daughter and grandkids had come down from “up north.”  Good to see them again.  After supper we headed out to V and M.L.’s for some great conversation and VANILLA ICE CREAM with their homegrown raspberries – MY VERY FAVORITE food at their house

Good friends ...

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