Welcome to my guest blogger: Rebecca Gates

Rebecca and I went to Moody together and knew each other well enough to say “hi,” but that’s about it. ,

But we both liked to write. (I DID know that about her.)

A few years ago I was speaking at an Awana conference in Indiana and mentioned something about being a Moody graduate, and aftewards, Rebecca’s husband came up and asked if I knew her.  Then Facebook happened and we have become Facebook friends – I mean – not just “friends,” but friends who comment a lot on each other’s posts.

I think it’s that liking-to-write-thing that has connected us.

So here is Rebecca’s list of things to do in Indiana.  (Just a side note – the best place I ever visited in Indiana was Goshen Hospital where I had my adorable daughter.)

1. Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – rated one of the Top Ten Zoos in the country.

2. Science Central – inspiring and fun hands-on science education for people of all ages.

3. Jefferson Pointe Mall – the finest shopping, dining and entertainment options in a refreshing, open-air shopping environment or Glenbrook Square (indoors)

4. County Extension Display Gardens on the Indiana University/Purdue Fort Wayne campus
Festivals – including Riverfest, the Three Rivers Festival, and the Johnny Appleseed Festival (Johnny Appleseed’s grave is also here)

5. Hyde Brothers – an intriguing used book store

6. Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory – Featuring a showcase garden with lush seasonal displays, a tropical garden with orchids and palms, and a desert garden

7. Memorial Coliseum – home of Fort Wayne Comet hockey, concerts and other events

8. Tin Cap Stadium – exciting downtown site of our minor league baseball team

9. Fort Wayne Parks – beautiful parks with well-maintained flowers and features. My favorites include Lakeside Rose Gardens and Foster Park. There are golf courses, biking and hiking trails, and children’s playgrounds and water pads throughout the city.

Rebecca Zimmerman Gates

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