We ate at the Chowder House where I discussed salmon fishing with a ministry team member – actually a subject I know a little about because of our proximity to Lake Michigan in Racine. Our neighbors fished for salmon all the time and once they reached their limit of preparing salmon for the season – they fished for us. But the salmon here is different (more on that later).

Anyhow although The Chowder House doesn’t look pretentious or anything, it has a lot of character and charm (and a lot of great reviews on the Web). I started out my first evening in Alaska by having a first for me: Halibut chowder – which was excellent and fit my “I-can’t-believe-I’m in Alaska” mood.

The time was getting late – at least for me – and this was becoming a 27-hour day, (Alaska is three hours behind us) and so we went to the house where we would be staying and I stayed in the teen boy’s room which had a wrestling mat for a carpet). Cool idea if you have a teen boy interested in wrestling.

I think it took me about two seconds to fall asleep.

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