One sunny afternoon more than a year ago, I was sitting at my desk working when the phone rang. I picked it up and said “hello,” only to be asked the question:

Did I want to do the Alaska conference?  Or maybe two Alaska conferences? And maybe stay there the in-between week?

I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska – one of the last two states on my never-have-been-there list. And the one I most wanted to visit. (Yes, even more than Hawaii.)

So earlier this month I got on Alaska Airlines and headed north. Approximately six hours later I arrived in Anchorage and then hurried to get on another plane that was heading three hundred miles further north to Fairbanks – where my hosts G and B were waiting for me. (J., another Awana co-worker, was also there to do the two conferences.)

We got in a borrowed van (G and B had also flown to Fairbanks from their home) and headed to North Pole – not THE North Pole, but North Pole, Alaska, which you can see from these pictures, might just be THE REAL North Pole.

3 thoughts on “UP NORTH – WAY UP NORTH”

  1. You really were close to J’s family. He has four cousins and an aunt there, in North Pole, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. His cousin in North Pole sends her kids to Awana, but their own church doesn’t have it.

  2. No. I would love to, and J. would like to take me. His family went, pulling a camper, in the summer of 1992. It was a three-week trip for them through Canada.

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