This is when posting pictures gets difficult because there are so many I like – not because I took them, but because anyway you looked the view was beyond magnificent. (Second thought – maybe it IS because I took them because actually taking them meant I had the privilege of BEING there.)

Most people come home from Alaska with pictures of snow and glaciers. I happened to be there during the fall color – which I’ve been told only lasts a short time each year. You blink and fall is over and winter has settled in.

In fact, “termination dust” was spotted while I was there. “Termination dust” is the name given the dusting of snow that appears on top of the mountains signifying the termination of summer.  People who live there know that within a couple weeks, it will be snowing in the valleys.

The trees themselves turn different shades of yellow and greens – the reds and oranges come from the ground cover, making the earth look like spilled watercolor. (The song: The mountains are His, the valleys are His, the skies are His handiwork, too – kept going through my mind.)

On Sunday afternoon we drove up to Flattop Mountain which is just east of Anchorage – in fact, the road on the way up wound through beautiful homes nestled in the hillside. Flattop is the most-climbed mountain in Alaska and is located in Chugach State Park.

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