Friday, I did a little last-minute shopping knowing I’d soon be leaving Anchorage – then we went over to the church to set up for the next day.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed off  to the conference. I was riding in the pickup with G. and I once again was telling her how much I enjoyed my week. “I was able to do so much.” I said and then laughed. “Except see Denali.” (Mount McKinley)  I have heard and read different percentages concerning how many Alaska visitors actually get to see the mountain. I’ve read 30% and 40%. Part of the “problem” is the mountain is so high (about four miles into the air) that it creates it’s own weather system often causing cloudiness that blocks the view.

But there, as we were driving down the road, I suddenly saw it! The clouds had moved away and the mountain stood out against the blue sky  – approximately 200 miles away!

So this is my picture – taken as we were driving. Look closely behind the phone poles. That’s it!

Be quick! You might miss it!

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