The Lord Is My Rock and My Fortress –  I love you, O LORD, my strength. (Psalm 18:1)

Our last goal for the day was Morro Bay – the scene of the famed Morro Rock (a volcano plug for those of you with a geological mindset).

Trouble was, the marine layer now encompassed everything. We knew the rock was right off shore and we saw a ghostlike shadow in the midst of the fog – but could not see the rock.

We decided to eat, so we walked along the pier, passing restaurant after restaurant, not sure which one to choose. We read the menus on the doors, looking for something that looked good – and chose Tognazzini’s Dockside Restaurant. The people were friendly and when we said we wanted a seat that overlooked the dock/ocean, they were happy to oblige and allowed us to wait for a good table.

Later, looking the restaurant up on the internet, I discovered that the owner is also president (or manager or something) of the local fish co-op and that this is where a lot of locals eat.

Being there, next to the ocean, I decided to order the freshly-caught fish of the day: black-gilled, red rock.  Another first. However, I’m fairly good at finding things on the internet and although I did find red rock fish, I could not find anything about black-gilled, red-rock fish, so I’m thinking maybe they just burnt the gills and then stuck a name on it, because what would this mid-western person know anyhow?  Seriously, the fish was good – but did have a different taste, so I probably wouldn’t order it again. But it was unique and I was glad that I had the opportunity to try it.

So, we ate slowly, enjoying our view of the bay – well, what we could see of it.

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