I have always enjoyed hanging out on piers and watching boats/ships. I like watching ships go through locks. I like watching ships floating by on the water.  I like watching fishing boats coming in with their catches of the day. (I remember a gloomy afternoon on Cape Cod, watching the men bring in lobster. I could have stayed there for hours.)

Now, in Santa Barbara, Cindy and I wandered out on the pier. We had no destination in mind, just wanted to see what was what.

And happened to hit the time of day when the fishing boats bring in the sea urchins. Boat after boat, net after net, hundreds of sea urchins dumped in bin after bin after bin.

Something about seeing all the urchins moving around in the bins was ….   Actually, I don’t know how to describe it – a mixture of emotions – but a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The colors were exquisite – purples and pinks and reds.

I asked what would happen to them and was told that they are sold to sushi restaurants for the eggs.

… a reason to be glad I don’t like sushi.


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