We had a wish – to take a boat ride, but the place we saw advertised was closed.

But then someone suggested we try the the sailing school because “sometimes they take people out.”

When I called and asked if they had openings for two people, they said that they did – on their sunset sail.  “But,” the lady said, “this isn’t the boat we usually use, it’s a lot smaller.  I think you’ll like it.”

The “substitute” boat turned out to be a 42-foot Catalina big enough for six passengers and the “captain.” The other four passengers were a family from North Carolina.

That ride turned out to be one of the great highlights of the entire trip – and unbelievably, it only costs us $25.00 a piece. The whole experience was so absolutely fantastic that we would’ve been willing to pay a lot more.

We met at the sailing school in early evening – a beautiful night, just perfect for sailing. The captain was friendly and chatted with us – more of an informal conversation than a memorized speech.

Though he did point out TY WARNER’S HOUSE.  (In case you can’t tell, so many people showed us Ty Warner’s house – it became a joke – as if that was the only thing to see in Santa Barbara.)

As we left, we saw some type of regatta in the distance making the scene stunningly beautiful.

The captain told us that he’d first take us out to see the sea lions.

And that’s what he did.

After about 20 minutes, he put up the sails – and when he did so – Cindy got to be the captain and pilot the boat.  And actually continued at the wheel for quite some time.

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