This morning I introduced myself to someone I should’ve met a long time ago … which, I think, counts for my something new today. Wasn’t totally out of nowhere – there is a round about connection to her so introducing myself wasn’t odd or anything but it did take some courage on my part (still have that shy streak inside of me).  All went well.

Ok – so I am listening to a book on CD, a non-fiction book by a well-known, New York Time Best Seller list author.  I’m not overly familiar with her books, but have seen a couple movies based on her novels. The book I’m listening to is, again, non-fiction and about the importance of kindness.  I was surprised when she started out with Scripture and then continued to use Scripture to back up her points. Made me wonder where she was coming from – Is she a Christian? (Her books aren’t Christian fiction, as such.)

Then she says, “Because of my traveling for my books, I don’t get to work at my church as much as I used to, so I make an effort to teach at our church’s Awana Club as much as possible.  I like telling stories to the kids.”

Interesting. I’m doing some investigation and will let you know if I learn more because I’m sure some of you have read her books or seen her movies.

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