OK – Today is January 25th and yet according to the kitchen calendar, it is still December.

Each year I get five calendars –

1. The Jeopardy Desk Calendar (an annual gift from a friend for the past 28 years or so) which goes on my work desk.

2. The Mensa Desk Calendar (also a gift) which  goes on my work desk.

3. The Ruth Wick calendar (the one she illustrates for Friends of Israel) which hangs by the at-home desk and is the official “birthday” calendar with everyone’s birthday duly noted.

4. The wall calendar at work which is usually one I make from my own pictures – but doing those is expensive, so I haven’t done one this year.

5. The kitchen wall calendar which is usually a purchased calendar of somewhere I’ve been (like last year’s was Scotland) or somewhere I hope to go (like New York City).

This year, as usual, I have the first three – but not the last two.

I didn’t think it would be difficult to find one half price at the bookstore after the New Year’s, but the only calendars left were those displaying pictures of frogs or Marilyn Monroe – neither one excited me.

But I knew sooner or later I would have to take down December in Scotland – so I checked out Amazon and found a calendar that works for me – The Reading Woman Calendar displaying artists works of ladies with books.

And today it arrived. Ah … now I know for sure it is January.

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