I’ve read/listened to some interesting books lately.

1. Cinderella Ate My Daughter – I’m guessing you won’t agree with all the premises of this book (I certainly didn’t), but what is interesting is the study of the way corporations market to girls. (Like did you ever notice that when all the Disney princesses are together – they don’t look at each other?)

2. My Lucky Life – the autobiography of Dick Van Dyke. Ok, we all know him. We’ve all watched his shows. He often repeats that he wanted anything he played in to be family fare – yet a lot went on his life that was not family fare. Kind of paradoxically moralistic or something.

3. Kisses from Katie – fascinating story that is still continuing over in Uganda. This is the story of Katie Davis (homecoming queen etc.), who at 18, left her comfortable family, her college plans and much-loved boyfriend and went on a missions trip to Uganda and basically never came home (except for visits). She now runs an organization (Amazima) that feeds and educates hundreds of children – and has adopted 14 of those children herself. She is now 24.  As you read, you are constantly amazed at how she spends her days and what she’s accomplished.

If you choose one book out of the three to read – make it the last.


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