One of the reasons I went up north the week I did was to see the munchkins perform.

Eight year old munchkin is playing on a ball team for the first time this year. This is a munchkin who spends most of his time thinking, playing or listening to baseball. He has wanted to be a baseball player since he was about seven weeks old. His parents patiently waited until this year to put him on an organized team and he is totally into it – everything he had dreamed.

He’s on a tee-ball team. Kids change positions every two innings and the side is out when they make three outs or everyone has had an opportunity to bat. I got to see two games – the munchkin’s team lost the first one and won the second.

Parents take turns bringing snacks, but instead of actually bringing food, most give each kid a dollar to spend at the snackbar.

My very favorite moment was after the game when one very excited 6yo began yelling, “It’s time for the barsnack! It’s time for the barsnack!” having no idea he had mixed up the word.

I also got to see the other munchkin play at her piano recital. The teacher has a great idea – the recital is actually held at a nursing home and residents are invited to attend. That gives the performers a bigger audience and joy to the residents.

Fun. Fun.

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